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Dry clean

We are specialists in dry cleaning sensitive garments, curtains, blankets, woolens, wedding dresses, etc. Each delicate garment is treated independently. We use non-aggressive products and conservative procedures that extend the life of your garments while preserving their entire splendor – A fast and quality service that offers an excellent benefit for your clothes.


Forget about washing and ironing! With RedBox dry cleaners, you can enjoy a home laundry service. Choose your laundry based on your clothes' weight, and we will pick it up and return it clean and ironed whenever and wherever you want. If you do not know the exact weight, choose the laundry that you think is best suited to your clothes' weight. Once received, we weigh it and let you know if there is any kind of mismatch.

Steam Iron

We care about your appearance. We know that your garments' impeccable steam ironing is a key to your personal satisfaction and that of your customers. A professional ironing service for individuals and companies that is comfortable, agile, and economical - With our pick and drop service, your garments will always be perfectly ironed, with the confidence of knowing that they are in the best hands.

Sofa Cleaning

Sofa dry-cleaning system guarantees the total elimination of stains, microorganisms, and germs from your sofas and upholstery, achieving 100% cleaning and disinfection. When we finish the cleaning and disinfection, your sofa will be completely dry, and you can use it right away without waiting or discomfort.

Leather Care

The degree of dirt, condition of the garment is classified, and the type of leather is identified to carry out the cleaning and washing that can be based on brushes, sponges, and soft sandpaper, with moisturizing products that will allow returning the physical and aesthetic properties leather, thus renewing it.

Shoe Spa

You take great care of your fine clothes and your personal appearance. Why pay the same attention to your shoe collection? After all, nothing accentuates a carefully planned “look” like a perfect pair of shoes. The experts at RedBox Dry-cleaners offer unparalleled shoe care services. Whether it's women's heels or stylish men's shoes (and any other shoe), when it comes to keeping them in pristine condition, trust RedBox.

Starch / Charakh / Polish

Starch is a synthesis produced by plants and a significant carbohydrate in the human intake, but outside of this, it has numerous practical and helpful objects. When blended with warm water, it forms a thick, white, sticky paste. The paste was transformed to form the starch that we generally correlate with dry cleaners today. It is specific to finish of the ironing process, used mainly on cuffs and collars of shirts. This process provides firmness and body to the fabric, preventing it from wrinkling easily.

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